Standard Ovens

We remove the oven door(s) to ensure we can clean hard-to-reach areas of your oven.  All shelves and other removable parts of the oven are taken outside and placed in our dip tank in order to remove carbon build up.  All remaining stains, carbon and grease inside your oven are cleaned away.  The door and glass are cleaned separately; and, when possible we split the door so we can clean between the inner and outer glass.  Everything is reassembled and we polish surfaces to a shine. 

Heat Storage Cookers

The enamel surfaces are carefully cleaned using soapy water as even our eco-friendly cleaners can damage this surface. All removable parts inside the oven are placed inside our dip tank to remove carbon build up. Debris is removed from hobs and ovens and carbon carefully removed using appropriate eco-friendly cleaners.  Everything is reassembled and we polish all surfaces to a shine. 


We prepare the surface by removing any loose debris. A specialist eco-friendly cleaning product is applied and remaining stains are removed. We then buff the surfaces to a shine.

Extractor Fans

Surfaces are cleaned and buffed to a shine. Metal filters are carefully cleaned. Fabric filters are replaced with new.

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