COVID-19 Safety Procedures

Precautions and Safety Measures we are taking that include government guidelines and additional measures we have added to safeguard our customers and ourselves even more.

  1. No work should be carried out in a household which is isolating because one or more family members has symptoms.

  2. During the current lockdown, we are not allowed to carry out work in a household where individuals have been asked to shield by the NHS.

  3. We will be following government guidelines for those who are clinically vulnerable, but not asked to shield (e.g., those who are pregnant or over 70) and we will be following those guidelines for every one of our customers for additional safety for you and our technician. 

  4. When booking we will discuss with you how work will be carried out to minimise risk for all parties.  On arrival our technician will discuss social distancing and hygiene measures that should be followed while work is carried out.

  5. We will ask you to remain in a different room besides the kitchen during the oven cleaning and to leave all internal doors open to minimise contact with door handles.  We will maintain a 2-metre social distance from you whenever we need to be in the same room together.

  6. We will follow general COVID-19 guidelines about coughing and sneezing hygiene.

  7. We will regularly clean our vehicle using gloves and standard cleaning products, with emphasis on frequently touched surfaces.  All equipment will be cleaned with anti-viral wipes before and after each oven cleaning.

  8. We will contact you the day before your oven cleaning appointment to ensure no one in the household is showing symptoms of COVID-19

  9. We will take the temperature of our cleaning technician before he comes out to your house.  If he has a temperature, your booking will be cancelled.

  10. Our technician will wear a fresh uniform for each oven cleaning

  11. Our technician will wash his hands upon arrival and during cleaning.

  12. A HEPA filtration air purifier that cleans the air of the room every 20 minutes will be used for the duration of the cleaning.

  13. Once work is completed, our technician will tell you which surfaces he’s come into contact with and wiped down with anti-viral wipes and he will remove all waste and equipment. 

  14. We will be taking weekly lateral flow coronavirus tests and if, at any time, either of us tests positive, has a temperature or exhibits symptoms of Covid19, we would suspend operations until further notice.